SEO Audits

Do you know how well your website is performing? Is there even a way to know this? Of course there is. That’s where an SEO audit comes in, revealing the strengths and weaknesses of your website.

Before Paper Box maps out an SEO strategy, our first step is to perform a comprehensive SEO audit to see what you really need. We’ll grade your site’s overall searchability by looking at key contributing factors, formulating a plan to produce measurable results.


Content Analysis

Content doesn’t just provide context for your website, it improves your website’s authority and SEO. When Paper Box assesses your site’s content, we’ll check to ensure that it’s actually helping you.

Is the information on your site in line with or better than your competition and is it easy to read? How is the user behavior on each page? Both Google and your audience favor original content that is formatted in a digestible way (appropriate headings, lists, etc.), uses understandable language and incorporates graphics and videos to engage and provide context.

Off-page SEO

Linking to your own webpages throughout your site just isn’t enough to build clout with search engines. But if other sources link to you, you’re golden. Paper Box will assess the strength of your site’s backlink profile, Google My Business, online directory listings, and reveal strategies for improvement. For instance, are high-authority sites linking to you? 

If links are coming from poor sources on the other hand, they’ll drag your reputation down. We’ll recommend link building strategies to drive traffic to your website.

Keyword Research

Deciding which keywords to target isn’t a “set it and forget it” initiative. If you have a keyword strategy in place, Paper Box will run expert analyses on your efforts.

We’ll check the search volume of your selected terms, who you’re competing against and other terms you rank for that are outside your designated strategy. This will help to inform any areas for improvement and strong points we can double down on when we partner with you.

Competitor Analysis

In SEO, it’s not wrong to spy on the competition. In fact, it’ll help you outfox and outrank them in search engine rankings. Just as we’ll assess your keyword strategy, we’ll do the same with your top competitors. What terms are they ranking for that make sense for you? What off-page SEO strategies are they using successfully? We’ll compile a treasure trove of intel for the best places on your site to incorporate key terms, as well as relationship-building opportunities with industry sources.

Technical SEO

Different aspects of how your website works can impact your SEO rankings, because if the experience is poor, search engines can’t read your site and visitors won’t want to. The Paper Box team will assess your website for errors and potential improvements.

We’ll see if page errors occur (making it hard for Google to crawl and index your site) if the website is responsive for mobile devices, if your site content contains broken links, check for page load speed to ensure visitors won’t bounce and verify that your site has an active SSL certificate to ensure its security.

On-Page SEO

Small elements on each page of your website pack big punches. How are you titling each page? Do you have a keyword strategy implemented throughout? We’ll see if keywords are reflected in page URLs and if pages are structured with appropriate HTML tags.

But there’s more to it. You build authority and relationships when you link to other pages, both on your site (internal) and on related sites (external). Paper Box will look for this in your content, as well as ensure that graphics include alt text (for screen readers) and meta descriptions (for search engines to display in results).

Testimonial from one of our SEO audit clients

“They were professional, timely and knowledgeable. I would definitely work with them again.”
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