Keyword Research

Choosing the best keyword isn’t as simple as saying, “This is what this business does,” but it is a good starting point. Paper Box takes the time to understand your business and what customers want to boost your visibility in search engines. Strategies and tools like these help us get the job done:

Pro Tools

As SEO experts, we’re not limited to our imaginations for keyword inspiration. Paper Box trusts several reputable tools like Google Keyword Planner, Ahrefs and others to take basic topics and find out how your customers would search for them. This helps us modify or expand on your keywords to make them more relevant to your business and find out if people are searching for those terms.

Ranking Potential

Any term your company wants to rank for has a certain level of keyword difficulty. How many people are searching for your term and what other companies are using it? Long-tail keywords (terms with 4+ words) are effective because they answer specific needs for customers and have lower competition from other businesses compared to short, broad terms.


The very first step in any keyword research process is to give the old noggin a workout. Paper Box takes what we know about your business to develop a list of broad topics your customers would be interested in. If necessary, we look at your current content and search around the web to see how to tackle different topics.

Choosing the Best Keyword

Once we have a list of potential keywords, the hard part is choosing the right ones for different pieces of content on your website. Paper Box compares potential terms with factors like search volume (how many people look for that term), keyword difficulty (We’ll target low difficulty first) and business relevance (so it makes sense for you).

Testimonial from one of our keyword research clients

“Paper Box was awesome, always available when we needed him. And he’s very straight forward saving us a lot of time researching.”
Ali AbbadiBlackout Vapors
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