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SEO is all about enhancing credibility, authority and visibility on the web, and link building is essential to the process. Link building requires a completely different skill set than all other aspects of SEO, and there are no shortcuts that can be taken. That’s why many agencies shy away from it.

But we pride ourselves on being top notch link builders and have the track record to back it up. We’ve gotten backlinks from clients from sites like, and Below are qualities we guarantee all our backlinks have.


High Domain Authority

The most important metric for a backlink is how much authority its hosting site has. This is commonly called Domain Authority and it loosely translates to popularity. The more popular the site linking to you is, the more results you’ll get.

High authority sites are typically harder to get backlinks from, but we are consistently able to do so with tested methods we’ve perfected over years.

White Hat Only

There are many shortcuts one can take, but they all eventually backfire because they break Google’s terms of service. To avoid the possibility of penalties by search engines, we only use approved, white hat link building methods. 

We do 100% manual outreach to earn backlinks. It’s time intensive, but we have the tools and expertise to do it as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Indexed and Followed

There are two qualities of a backlink that absolutely must be present for the backlink to help your SEO. The first is it being on an indexed page. That means the page with the backlink is recognized by search engines. If it’s not indexed, search engines won’t give you credit for the backlink.

The other factor is the link being a “follow” link. In that case, the backlink is the type that helps your SEO. If it’s a “no follow” link, it will have no effect on your SEO.


Another quality that’s important in a backlink is relevance to your business. For example, if you sell clothing, a backlink from a fashion blog would be relevant. All our backlinks are from relevant sites or pages, maximizing its positive effect on your SEO.

Optimized Anchor Text

Anchor text is the text that’s hyperlinked to your site. Search engines put a lot of weight on the anchor text of backlinks, which is why we are sure to use proper keyword anchor text. We’re also careful not to over-optimize anchor text, because doing so looks unnatural and may hamper results. 

Testimonial from one of our link building clients

“Russell is a professional above all else. He clearly explained to me what he’ll do, why he’ll do it, and what to expect. After less than a week, I’m already starting to see positive results and increased traffic from the work they’ve done!”
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