On-page SEO

Paper Box knows that the more relevant your site is to your target audience, the better it’ll rank on Google. But making your website relevant involves more than having a few pages about your industry. On-page SEO makes your site more user friendly and increases authority. We’ll fine tune each page and blog post you publish for maximum impact, looking at elements such as:

Image Optimization

Having a few images on the pages of your site adds to visual appeal, but it doesn’t help with SEO. We make sure your images are structured for user experience and search engines with behind-the-scenes elements. We’ll name each image file using your keywords, so Google understands what the image and the page are about. And because accessibility is essential, we’ll also add appropriate alt text, so visually-impaired visitors and screen readers can make sense of image content.

Meta Descriptions

Think about what you see on a Google search results page for anything you look up. The search engine displays relevant ads and links to your query, usually with details below each link about the page. Those are meta descriptions, and they’re pretty helpful. Paper Box will add keyword-rich meta descriptions for each page of your site to provide context to users and to Google so each knows what to expect from your content.

Keyword Optimization

Our team will execute your keyword strategy and ensure that the terms you want to rank for are used in appropriate places on your site and with enough frequency. Your content will hit on targeted terms, but still sound natural along the way (we never do keyword stuffing). One hint? Google likes it when each page’s main keyword is used in the first few paragraphs.

Title Tags

Content on each page of your site should be structured in ways that make sense. HTML title tags make this easy, for both audiences and search engines. Our team will review your site and each blog post to ensure that page content is divided with H1, H2 and H3 tags. We’ll keyword optimize each heading, too, making the intent of every page clear to your audience and to crawlers as Google indexes your website.

SEO-Friendly URLs

Every webpage address connected to your site should be simple and direct but enhance your keyword strategy. The Paper Box team will review all URLs to keep you on track. We’ll make sure each URL is short (Who wants to remember a long web address?) and include each page’s main keyword. For instance, if your business sells baked goods and you have a page devoted to homemade cakes, the web address might be yourwebsite.com/homemadecakes.

Internal Links

We will add keyword-rich links on less traveled pages and blog posts to those high-authority pages on your website. But what exactly does that do? It maintains the authority of top-performing pages and increases authority (and traffic!) for lower-level pages by association.

Testimonial from one of our on-page SEO clients

“Certain keywords rankings shot up faster than I expected. We quickly started receiving more traffic, and more importantly, more leads.”
Darcy MayerDocVerify
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