Your website is like a complex puzzle, and behind-the-scenes elements are just as important as the overall picture. Technical SEO is the part of your SEO strategy that deals with optimizing how websites work and resolving issues that hurt performance. Paper Box takes an in-depth approach to technical SEO so your website ranks well and serves up a positive user experience.

Crawl Errors

Are website errors preventing your site from being crawled and indexed by search engine bots? This is a problem, because if Google can’t read your site, it won’t rank in search results. Paper Box looks for common issues that affect visibility, including website server and DNS errors, as well as URL errors that affect specific pages of your site. We fix any problems to maximize your website’s quality and ranking potential.

Mobile Optimization

You’ve heard that your website should be “responsive” or “mobile friendly.” Websites need to work properly on each device, from desktop to mobile phone. In fact, Google prioritizes responsive sites in search results. We make sure your website displays properly for each device, doesn’t sacrifice content or visual elements and can still be indexed. This could mean limiting popups, modifying site layout or fixing site speed.

SSL Certificate

Today, HTTPS outperforms HTTP any day of the week. Site security is a big component for users concerned about trustworthiness. Google likes it too, going so far as to prioritize those sites in search results. Paper Box secures SSL certificates for websites to provide enhanced data encryption, verify website authenticity and preserve the integrity of any personal data users might enter online.

Load Speed

Does your website load too slow or is it lightning fast? Is this consistent on desktop and mobile? If it’s too slow, users will get impatient and bounce, making your company lose valuable traffic. Paper Box examines page load speed to ensure your site is working properly. We compress bulky data or media files to ease the burden where possible and look for code and cache issues to fix along the way.

Broken Links

Websites change over time and it’s tough to keep up with pages that got moved or removed. But this hurts SEO if individual web pages link to content that’s no longer available. We examine the internal and external links throughout your website and ensure that each is still valid, removing or redirecting those that have changed.

Testimonial from one of our technical SEO clients

“Paper Box was amazing. They advised me of all possible outcomes of the job. They were always available, patient and detailed.”
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